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Germany shuts down three of its last six nuclear power plants


The Brokdorf, Grohnde and Gundremmingen C reactors, operated by the electricity companies E.ON and RWE, were shut down late Friday after three and a half decades of operation.

The last three nuclear power plants – Isar 2, Emsland and Neckarwestheim II – will be shut down by the end of 2022.

PreussenElektra, which operates the Brokdorf and Grohnde plants, said on Saturday that the two plants were shut down shortly before midnight on Friday. RWE said for his part that the Gundremmingen C power plant had also ceased production on Friday evening.

The gradual abandonment of energy deemed clean and cheap by some is a major step for Europe’s largest economy, even as it faces ambitious climate targets and rising electricity prices .

The six nuclear power plants contributed around 12% of electricity production in Germany in 2021, according to preliminary figures from the BDEW. The share of renewable energies was almost 41% in the country, with coal accounting for just under 28% and gas around 15%.

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Germany wants renewable energies to cover 80% of electricity demand by 2030, by developing infrastructure related to wind and solar energy.

Olaf Scholz’s new government, which plans to step up the fight against climate change, has maintained the nuclear phase-out in its coalition agreement.

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