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Ghislaine Maxwell denies her guilt


Standing in front of Manhattan Federal Court judge Alison Nathan, wearing a black mask and turtleneck, Ms. Maxwell, the one the American justifies as reel, did not go there with the back of a spoon to refute the allegations against her.

Your Honor, the government has not provided evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, so I do not need to testify.

A quote from Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell, whose trial has been open since November 29 and which should last until January, has pleaded not guilty to six counts for which she faces life imprisonment, including that of sex trafficking of young underage girls.

Her lawyers argue that she is the scapegoat who will pay for lead actor Jeffrey Epstein.

The battle of witnesses rages on

Since Thursday, Ms. Maxwell’s lawyers have been scrolling their client’s defense witnesses before the judge. They hoped to call as many witnesses as possible for four days. In the end, they were only 9 to testify in favor of Ms. Maxwell instead of the 35 expected. What arouse the anger of the judge who thinks that the defense is trying to buy time.

The trial will not be delayed, she told the defense lawyers.

The defenders of Maxwell made testify, Friday, Éva Andersson-Dubin, a Swedish medicine of 60 years, former Miss Sweden and wife of the American billionaire Glenn Dubin. Close to Epstein, she confirmed having been on vacation many times at his Palm Beach, Florida residence between 1994 and 2004 and never seen him behave inappropriately with teenage girls.

Likewise, on Thursday, Cimberly Espinosa, 55, former assistant to Ghislaine Maxwell had tried to discredit one of the four alleged victims of Epstein who was the first to testify under the pseudonym of Jane by recounting being coaxed at the age of 14 by the Epstein-Maxwell couple, before he sexually abused her.

According to Cimberly Espinosa, Jane regularly came to Epstein’s office and his relationship with the financier came under the register lover. At the time, did the Epstein-Maxwell couple behave inappropriately towards minors? Never, said the witness.

Three other women, Kate,Carolyn and Annie Farmer, 42, the only one to speak without a pseudonym, revealed for two weeks, before Judge Nathan, part of their lives damaged by sex they say forced with Epstein, when they were minors , and often in the presence of Maxwell.

Defense arguments and prosecutors’ indictment are scheduled for Monday. I want to see everyone here on Monday, hammered Judge Nathan at the end of the hearing.

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