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Ghosting could be punished in the Philippines


The Filipino says he relies on studies to describe ghosting as an abusive and cruel act. [C’est] a form of meanness that develops feelings of rejection and neglectwhich can have an effect on productivity, he added.

According to a memo about the bill posted on social media, ghosting is happening for no apparent reason, but only to cause emotional distress to the victim.

The ambiguity of ghosting is that there is no real break between the parties involved. »

A quote from Excerpt from a note on the bill

Arnolfo Teves’ note describes this emotional crime as an act that occurs when people are engaged in a romantic relationship, that is, when they live under the same roof without marriage, or are romantically involved continuously over time.

However, ghosting is exercised above all in a context of relations between acquaintances, such as on dating applications or social networks. A person may decide to suddenly stop responding to someone else because they feel their safety is compromised, or because they do not believe they have the emotional skills necessary to have an open conversation that could be painful, according to specialists (New window).

Internet users were dozens to make fun of these inconsistencies on social networks. Many have also criticized the bill, saying it diverts public attention from more important issues for the Philippines, such as inflation.

Arnolfo Teves did not specify the nature of the penalties for the offense of ghosting, but he mentioned community service during an interview with CNN Philippines.

To pass, the bill must go through three readings, in addition to obtaining the support of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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