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Goldfish can drive on land, Israeli study finds


In a study published in the February edition of the journal Behavioral Brain Research, peer-reviewed, researchers from Ben-Gurion University, located in the Negev desert, have created a device that allows a large goldfish swimming in an aquarium, itself placed on a robotic rolling platform, to move around .

The researchers had attached cameras tracking the movement of the fish and linked to a computer guiding the vehicle. When the goldfish went to the front part of the aquarium, the vehicle moved forward and when the fish remained in the rear part, the vehicle remained stationary, say the researchers, who uploaded a video of this singular vehicle controlled by a fish.

To refine their research, Israeli scientists placed a target outside the vehicle. When the goldfish managed to reach the target, it received 0.002 grams of food granule in its aquarium as a reward, says the study funded by public funds and which followed local protocol in terms of respect for animals.

After a few days, the fish managed to reach the target without straying, no matter where you are from, and in avoiding dead ends, points out the study, which concludes that goldfish have the ability to transfer its spatial representation and navigation capabilities to a completely different terrestrial environment of his.

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