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Google Nest smart doorbells are chilly


The Canadian winter is harsh for the new Google Nest smart doorbells. The device, which allows users to see who is at their front door using a smartphone, does not tolerate the cold well.

In a note published this week, Google indicates that the lithium-ion battery of its doorbell cannot be recharged below 0 degrees Celsius. However, it can continue to operate down to -20 degrees Celsius.

The update comes after several people reported on Google forums that their Google Nests had drained their batteries faster than usual this winter, even when the gadget was hooked up to their home wiring.

The tech giant explains that the electrical wires connecting doorbells to homes do not directly charge the device.

Instead, the battery is trickle-charged by the current flowing through the cables, and the doorbell operates from the battery charge.

In cold weather, Google therefore recommends that owners bring their smart doorbells indoors to charge them.

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