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Google presents its new concept to replace advertising cookies


The American giant Google, following in the footsteps of Apple, had announced several months ago its intention to eliminate by 2023 the third-party cookies in his Chrome browser.

The initiative of the American giant arouses great concern in the world of targeted advertising and site publishing, which accuses Google of wanting to keep its treasure of data on Internet users for itself.

In the new system presented Tuesday by Google, the principle would be that the user has his own advertising profile. This profile would be built according to his browsing on the web, and the Internet user would retain some control.

Chrome would identify themes representative of the main areas of user interest for a given week, such as coaching Where trips, based on browsing historyexplained Google.

These themes would be stored in memory for only three weeks before being deletedin a process that would happen entirely on the device used, without involving external servers, including Google servers.

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Internet users would have access to control parameters their allowing to see the shared themes, to delete the unwanted ones, or to completely deactivate the functionality.

These proposals are currently at the concept stageand their application in practice need to be clarified, Google said.

The goal is to have these technologies deployed by the end of 2022so that web developers can start their adoption in stride.

Fears Raised

Web development companies and the advertising market are concerned about Google’s desire to eliminate advertising cookies.

The new model advocated by the American giant will affect the advertising market and disrupt the digital press business modelhad denounced in March 2021 the European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) and the European Association of Newspaper Publishers (ENPA) in a joint press release.

He would allow at the end of the day at google further expand its own data monopolyadd these associations, since it will not be more possible for third parties to understand and process the data records meaningfullythey had estimated.

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