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Greece spy scandal: Mitsotakis recognizes “error” in intelligence


Two resignations, including that of the head of the national intelligence services (EYP), dealt a major blow to his government on Friday after the revelation of the surveillance of the mobile phone of Nikos Androulakis, the leader of Pasok-Kinal, the third party in Parliament.

These resignations came ten days after Nikos Androulakis denounced the surveillance attempt of his laptop by the illegal software Predator.

This monitoring procedure was done legally after being approved by the Supreme Court prosecution, but it was a mistakeacknowledged the Prime Minister in a televised address.

I didn’t know, if I had known, I never would have allowed ithe said, judging the action of the EYP politically unacceptable and castigating long-standing failures in this department.

The EYP has been under the aegis of Kyriakos Mitsotakis since his election in July 2019, one of the first reforms of the right-wing government majority (New Democracy).

A question of democracy

A few days ago I was informed that in September 2021, and while Nikos Androulakis was an MEP, the national intelligence service had established a legal connection with his cell phone, he said.

He pointed out that this surveillanceAndroulakis as President of the Pasok-Kinal”,”text”:”lasted three months and ended automatically, as provided by law, a few days after Mr.Androulakis was elected President of the Pasok-Kinal”}} “>lasted three months and ended automatically, as provided by law, a few days after the election of Mr. Androulakis as President of the Pasok-Kinal in December 2021.

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The Prime Minister promised a series of reforms for to improve the EYP, including the strengthening of its obligation to be accountable on its activity and supervising national intelligence by the Committee on Institutions and Transparency of Parliament.

Nikos Androulakis retorted that Prime Minister avoid giving explanations and asked the reason why he was watched by the EYP as an MEP and then candidate for the presidency of the Pasok-Kinal.

Predator super army tried to trick my phonehe denounced, recalling thatthis is not a personal matter, but a question of democracy. His surveillance by Predator had been detected by a special service of the European Parliament.

Friday, the resignation of the head of the EYP, Panagiotis Kontoleon, was preceded by that of Grigoris Dimitriadis, secretary general of the services of the prime minister and nephew of the latter, questioned by the investigation site United Reporters and the Greek daily Efimerida your syntakton (Efsyn, left) for his alleged links to a Predator marketing company in Greece.

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Degradation of press freedom

United Reporters and the investigation site Inside Story have in recent months published an investigation into alleged surveillance in Greece.

In April, Thanasis Koukakis, a Greek journalist specializing in financial affairs, took legal action, denouncing the attack on his phone by Predator.

In February, the EYP’s alleged eavesdropping of another Greek investigative journalist on migration issues, Stavros Malichudis, was taken to the Supreme Court.

Unions of journalists have criticized this situation, recalling the deterioration of press freedom in Greece.

Until Friday’s resignations, the government had denied any state involvement.

The Prime Minister did not explain why the EYP decided on such an unprecedented actionreacted on Monday the main opposition party Syriza (radical left).

How many other politicians, journalists or citizens are under surveillance under his administration?asked Syriza, the party of ex-prime minister Alexis Tsipras, calling it a liar the Prime Minister.

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