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Greta Thunberg mobilized against an iron mine in Sweden


We believe that the climate, the environment, clean air, water, reindeer herding, the rights of indigenous peoples and the future of humanity must take priority over the short term profit of a companylisted the young woman, in a video message sent to the press.

The Sami, whose total population is estimated at 100,000, including 20,000 to 40,000 in Sweden, oppose the commissioning of the Gallok/Kallak iron mine, located near the subarctic town of Jokkmokk, in particular because it would prevent reindeer herding, disrupt hunting and fishing and denature the local environment.

A mine would have permanent negative consequences on our pastures. Having to worry about this mine would affect us mentally. »

A quote from Stina Länta, a resident of the village of Jåhkågasska

The Swedish government must decide in March on the controversial project of the British company Beowulf, which has promised to generate 250 direct and 300 indirect jobs.

For the Fridays for Future activist, the Swedish government must stop the colonization of the Sami territory.

Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sami make their living from traditional reindeer herding and inhabit the vast expanses of the Arctic, northern Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as the Russian peninsula of Kola.

During most of the twentiethand century, they were considered uncivilized and inferior by their governments, undergoing a brutal assimilation policy.

In the autumn, Sweden announced the establishment of a truth-commission aimed at investigating the persecutions of which the minority has been the victim.

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