Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Hair Coloring: What Type, Cost, and Duration Should You Expect?

Permanent hair color is a popular choice for anyone looking for a more long-lasting color change. It offers a range of options for those seeking a dramatic transformation, from a subtle new hue to a bold new look. But if you're considering a permanent hair color, it's important to understand what type of dye to use, what it will cost, and the time it will take to achieve the desired results. We've put together everything you need to know about permanent hair coloring, so you can make an informed decision about which type, cost, and duration to expect. From the best products available to the best practices for achieving a salon-quality finish, we've got you covered!

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Are you looking to make a permanent change to your hair color? Permanent is an excellent way to make a dramatic change, or just give your hair a nice boost. It’s important to know what to expect from a permanent hair coloring job, so you can get exactly the look you’re going for. Here’s a closer look at what permanent hair color entails, from the types of colors available to how long it will last.

All the Pros and Cons of Permanent Hair Coloring

Before getting into the details of permanent hair coloring, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. Permanent hair coloring will last longer than semi-permanent hair coloring, so you don’t have to bother recoloring your hair as often. It can also achieve brighter colors, or change your natural hair color dramatically. On the negative side, permanent hair coloring can damage your hair, so it’s important to make sure you get a good quality job done.

Different Types of Permanent Hair Coloring Explained

Permanent hair coloring comes in several varieties. The most common type is oxidation, which is a two-step process that involves first bleaching the hair and then applying a new color. Another type is direct coloring, which is a one-step process that involves directly applying a new color to your hair. Finally, there’s natural hair coloring, which uses a combination of , indigo, and other natural ingredients to achieve a new hair color. All three types of permanent hair coloring can achieve similar results, so it’s important to consult with a professional to find out which type is right for you.

Understanding the Cost of Permanent Hair Coloring

Permanent hair coloring can be quite expensive, depending on the type of color you’re looking for. A basic color job might cost around $75, while a more complex color job could cost anywhere from $150 to $200. Prices can vary from salon to salon, so it’s important to shop around to find the best deal.

How Long Does Permanent Hair Coloring Last?

Permanent hair coloring can last for several months, depending on the type of color you’ve chosen. Natural colors tend to last the longest, while bright colors can fade away after a few weeks. In general, you can expect to need to recolor your hair every 6-12 weeks.

Tips for Choosing the Right Permanent Hair Coloring for You

When choosing a permanent hair color, it’s important to be realistic about the look you’re going for. Bold, bright colors might not be the best choice if you’re looking for something more subtle. Similarly, natural colors won’t be able to lighten your hair if you’re looking for a drastic change. It’s also important to make sure the color you choose will be complementary to your skin tone, so it’s best to consult with a professional colorist.

Permanent hair coloring can be an excellent way to give your hair a dramatic new look. Be sure to understand the pros and cons of permanent hair coloring, choose the type of color that’s right for you, and understand the cost and duration of the coloring process. With the right permanent hair color, you can enjoy a new look for months to come.


Permanent hair coloring can be an excellent way to give your hair a dramatic change or a subtle boost. By understanding the cost, duration, and types of permanent hair coloring, you can make an informed decision that will leave you with a look you love. If you’re considering a permanent hair coloring job, be sure to consult with a professional colorist to get the best results.

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