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Haiti: two journalists murdered by a gang


Wilguens Louissaint and Amady John Wesley were killed in a shooting, told AFP the employer of the second, Radio Écoute FM.

A third journalist who accompanied them was able to escape, according to the same source.

These assassinations come at a time when Haiti has been, for months, under the control of gangs whose influence has largely extended beyond the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

The area of ​​Laboule 12, where the three journalists went for a report on Thursday, is the subject of intense fighting between several armed bands who want to ensure control.

The path that crosses it is the only alternative way to reach the southern half of the country, for lack of being able to take the national road totally controlled, since June, by one of the most powerful gangs in Haiti.

The political crisis in this poor Caribbean country, further aggravated by the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse six months ago, has only worsened the security situation.

At least 950 kidnappings were recorded in Haiti in 2021, according to the Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research, an organization based in Port-au-Prince.

Under-equipped in the face of criminal groups with a war arsenal, the Haitian police have not organized large-scale operations against gangs since March 2021.

On March 12, the police attempted to intervene in a district of the capital known to be used by a gang as a place of kidnappings.

Four police officers were then killed, and their bodies and equipment could never be recovered.

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