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Half a million Ukrainians fled to neighboring countries | War in Ukraine


000refugees have now fled from Ukraine to neighboring countries”,”text”:”Over 500,000 refugees have now fled from Ukraine to neighboring countries”}}”>More than 500,000 refugees have now fled Ukraine to neighboring countriestweeted late Monday morning, Filippo Grandi, the High Commissioner for Refugees of theUnited Nations.

Shortly before, his services had published a count of 499,412 people who had fled since Thursday the violent fighting between Russian troops and the Ukrainian army, in this country populated by more than 37 million people in the territories controlled by Kiev – which therefore do not include Crimea annexed by Russia or areas under separatist control.

Refugees – mostly women and children, as Ukraine has asked men of fighting age to remain in the country – are cared for once they cross the border by train, car and sometimes on foot, with meager luggage .

People massed on the platform of a train station.

Ukrainians fleeing their country wait at a train station in Lviv, in the west, to catch a train to Poland on February 28, 2022.

Photo: Reuters/Thomas Peter

Poland hosts by far the largest number of refugees arriving in a steady stream since the beginning of the Russian invasion. In total, they were 281,000, according to the count of the high commissioner for refugees.

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For Sunday alone, the Polish border guards said they had identified nearly 100,000 people arriving from Ukraine and 28,000 more in the night alone from Sunday to Monday morning, at 6 a.m.

Poland, which was already home to around 1.5 million Ukrainians nationwide, declared its unwavering support for Ukraine. The population is organizing on social networks, the Poles are collecting money and medicines, offering housing, meals, work or free transport to refugees.

People are walking with luggage and blankets.

Ukrainian refugees arrive at the temporary camp in Przemysl, Poland, February 28, 2022.

Photo: Reuters/Yara Nardi

On Monday, Hungary had welcomed 84,586 refugees, according to the count of the high commissioner for refugees.

The country has five border posts with Ukraine and several border towns, such as Zahony, have converted public buildings into relief centers, where Hungarian civilians come to offer food or assistance.

Some 36,398 refugees had arrived in Moldovan territory on Monday.

There were 32,517 refugees who arrived in Romania, according to the high commissioner for refugees. Two camps have been set up, one in Sighetul, empty for the moment, and the other in Siret, whose forty occupants must be transferred to reception centers.

In Slovakia, 30,000 people fleeing Ukraine have crossed the border since Thursday, again according to the high commissioner for refugees. The Slovak police, for their part, reported 13,940 refugees who entered on Sunday alone, but without providing overall statistics.

the high commissioner for refugees also specified that 34,600 of these refugees had continued on their way, once the Ukrainian border had been crossed, towards other European countries.

Go to the International Criminal Court?

Lithuania announced on Monday that it would ask prosecutors at the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity that could have been committed in Ukraine since the start of the invasion.

There is new information coming in every day, but we already have enough to file an applicationsaid Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte, during a meeting of her cabinet broadcast on television.

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