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Health prevention, much more than an individual responsibility


“Social factors are the most important thing to have an impact on the health of a population”, believes researcher Anne Plourde. Of course, exercising, eating better, drinking less alcohol and avoiding tobacco are good habits to have, but they are not the most essential factors, according to her, for a healthy population. .

When we limit ourselves to these factors [individuels]we forget that there are factors that determine our ability to take individual actions that will promote health. »

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Anne Plourde, postdoctoral researcher at York University and IRIS, and holder of a doctorate in political science from the Université du Québec à Montréal

Insufficient income, unsanitary housing or unhealthy working conditions: Anne Plourde gives several examples of factors which, for the most part, according to her, do not depend on us and which will have a much greater impact on our health than individual gestures or genetic or biological factors.

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