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Here are the images that you will be able to generate with the beta version of DALL-E 2


The Californian company OpenAI announced on Wednesday that it will allow one million people to test its tool. Until then, it was reserved for a few thousand journalists, artists, researchers.

The software, whose name is inspired by the painter Salvador Dalí from the animated film WALL-E, allows you to create surreal illustrations from sentences written in English.

To do this, the tool was trained by machine learning, that is, by ingesting an astronomical database of images with descriptions.

An illustration of teddy bears doing artificial intelligence research underwater with technology tools from the 1990s.

Here is an illustration that DALL-E 2 generated from the phrase “teddy bears doing artificial intelligence research underwater with 1990s technology tools.”

Photo: Open AI

Create to sell

Images generated by DALL-E 2 may be used for commercial projects. Thus, it will be possible to see visuals generated by artificial intelligence in advertisements, in children’s books, or even printed on clothing.

DALL-E has already been tested by a few creators, including the Austrian artist Stefan Kutzenberger, who wanted to show what works of the painter Egon Schiele could have looked like if he hadn’t died at 28.

However, OpenAI imposes certain limits on its customers. For example, the tool has been programmed to avoid creating images featuring public figures, as well as violent or pornographic content.

Limited images

People invited to the DALL-E 2 beta will get 50 image credits for their first month of subscription. Thereafter, they will have to settle for 15 credits per month.

Each credit will allow them to generate four visual elements with the same sentence. They will also be able to use credits to modify existing images.

Users can also pay 15 US dollars (approximately 19 Canadian dollars) to obtain 115 additional credits, or the equivalent of 460 original images.

OpenAI launched the first version of DALL-E in January 2021. DALL-E 2 was revealed in April the following year.

DALL-E mini, a free software that caused a sensation, is not associated with the tools of the Californian company.

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