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How to (quickly) organize a virtual office party


No need to throw everything in the trash: Tandem Communication, which has taken up the challenge of hosting the Ubisoft Montreal video game studio’s end-of-year party several times over the past decade, has some ideas in mind to celebrate virtually.

It is more important than ever to do something. Everything is canceled, everything is different. We need to see our colleagues, to spend time together, even if it’s virtual.

A quote from Marine Vaillant, Creative Director for Tandem Communication

The challenge is great to convince colleagues to extend their exposure to screens for an evening. Marine Vaillant, however, has some ideas for the atmosphere to be there.

But no need to reinvent the wheel. Several platforms like Zoom and Teams have already proven themselves since the start of the pandemic. In order to get out of the traditional virtual 5-7, here are some ideas:

1- Quiz evening

Trivia evenings are often popular in bars. Why not organize one virtually?

The main advantage is that it can be done at home in a very simple way., explains Marine Vaillant.

However, the creative director maintains that it is necessary to arm yourself with a good master or a good mistress of ceremonies to liven up the evening.

And if the motivation is not there, the Randolph, a playful pub in which you can play board games and attend quiz evenings, offers to take control of the entertainment. inviting in your Zoom party.

2- Video game night

Since the start of the pandemic, video games have been used more than ever to come together virtually.

Among Us, this game where players take the form of astronauts who try to find the impostor committing crimes aboard a spaceship, fulfills that promise. A host of new features have recently been added, making the gameplay more entertaining for all crew members.

Up to 15 people can play on a mobile application (free), or even on a computer ($ 5.69). The title is also available on the Nintendo Switch console and, since December 14, on the PlayStation 4 and 5.

To accentuate the feeling of being together physically, replace the online chat box with a conversation on Zoom to discuss your suspicions about impostor characters.

For such evenings, Tandem Communication suggests dividing the team into small groups in advance to avoid confusion.

The Jackbox.tv site (New window) also offers a handful of very entertaining, low-cost Christmas games to play as a group.

But if you fancy a free solution, the game Gartic Phone – Cordless phone suggests that you transpose sentences from your colleagues who often have neither tail nor head into drawings. Just go to the game’s website (New window) from a tablet, computer or smartphone, choose a nickname and connect with Zoom, Discord or other software to chat.

3- Virtual escape games

Even before the pandemic, companies used escape games (escape room) to strengthen team spirit in the office.

The Quebec company Défi-Évasion has designed several online scenarios that allow six people to think of strategies to escape from a room.

: The Mystery Gift and The Trouble-Christmas Party“,” text “:” Défi-Évasion Chez Soi offers fifteen unique games […] for all tastes. We have two of them for the holiday season: The Mystery Gift and The Christmas Trouble-Party “}}”>Défi-Évasion Chez Soi offers fifteen unique games […] for all tastes. We have two of them for the holiday season: The Mystery Gift and The Trouble-Christmas Party, mentions Chanel of Défi-Évasion.

Team members can log in from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

4- Take online workshops

The days are numbered before the holiday break, but joining the real with the virtual can add a little spice to an online office party.

You can send a surprise box to employees at home with instructions that say to wait until D-Day before opening it.

A quote from Marine Vaillant

Cocktail making, cooking classes, decorating Christmas wreaths… Several companies offer to join your team for an evening on Zoom in order to offer personalized workshops. This is particularly the case with the bar Le Lab, located on rue Sainte-Catherine, which offers a video-conference cocktail creation course.

5- Live show on Zoom

Depending on the budget and the size of the team, the performing arts can also be included in a Zoom session. Many event boxes or artist agencies, such as Hugues Pomerleau productions, offer a handful of shows and activities in virtual mode, from musical sessions to magic tricks, including murder and mystery animation and shows. humor live.

[et] the trend will continue in 2022 “,” text “:” Since October 2020, we have performed around 1,500 virtual shows for various companies in Quebec, [et] the trend will continue in 2022 “}}”>Since October 2020, we have performed around 1,500 virtual shows for different companies in Quebec, [et] the trend will continue in 2022, believes Hugues Pomerleau.

The Phaneuf agency is also experiencing a strong enthusiasm for its comedians, even for online festivities.

It meets a need for some customers [qui, même avant les annonces d’hier], have chosen to have a virtual party to start the new year well, underlines the marketing director of Phaneuf.

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