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Iceland’s governing coalition strikes a deal


And if a game of musical chairs has changed the situation in many ministries, the post of Prime Minister remains with Katrin Jakobsdottir.

I think it’s fair to say that Katrin has been a great prime minister for Iceland and has deep support in Icelandic society.said Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson.

The second woman to lead the government in her country, Ms. Jakobsdottir enjoys immense popularity, unlike her political party, which came third in the September elections.

The attraction for the Prime Minister has therefore allowed the Left-Green Movement that she chairs to remain in power but is likely to prove, in the long term, disappointments in this formation, estimates Andrés Ingi Jónsson, a deputy of the Pirates party who has defected from the Greens two years ago.

He [sera] really hard to be a clear option on the left wing if you have demonstrated for two consecutive terms that you are ready to work with what is your traditional opponent in politics, he analyzes, alluding to the collaboration with the conservatives.

The many concessions on fundamental issues such as the environment have also sparked criticism against Ms. Jakobsdottir within her movement.

Katrin Jakobsdottir walks, followed by cameramen.

Katrin Jakobsdottir retains her post as Prime Minister.

Photo: Associated Press / Arni Torfason

The new government charter presented on Sunday is particularly focused on climate change, a priority.

% reduction in emissions [de gaz à effet de serre dont l’Islande est directement responsable d’ici à 2030″,”text”:”Nous nous fixerons un objectif national indépendant de 55% de réduction des émissions [de gaz à effet de serre dont l’Islande est directement responsable d’ici à 2030″}}”>Nous nous fixerons un objectif national indépendant de 55 % de réduction des émissions [de gaz à effet de serre] for which Iceland is directly responsible by 2030 », Specifies the agreement, against 40% on which this island is committed, in Paris in 2015, at the time of the COP21.

In addition, the creation of a national park in the center of its territory, a subject of major disagreement between the members of the coalition, should finally see the light of day during this mandate.

The same coalition since 2017

The government coalition formed at the end of 2017, atypical in Icelandic political history, will therefore be maintained with the Left-Green Movement, the Independence Party (conservative) and the Progress Party (center right).

In the September elections, the outgoing government retained the absolute majority (with 37 of the 63 seats in Parliament, against 35 previously) with 24% of the vote (16 seats) for the Independence Party, 17% for the progress (13 seats) and 13% for the Left-Green Movement (8 seats).

The message was unequivocal at the end of the legislative elections, which gave the government a very clear majority.Katrin Jakobsdottir said after a press conference.

It has been complicated over the past four years and will continue to be. But it might also be healthy to have to work with people who don’t agree with you on everything.

A quote from Katrin Jakobsdottir, Prime Minister of Iceland

Although Katrín Jakobsdóttir, 45, has managed to keep his post as head of government, his party is losing the ministries of environment and health. On the other hand, he obtains Social Affairs, Labor and Fisheries as well as Agriculture.

Bjarni Benediktsson’s Independence Party, which was ephemeral prime minister at the start of 2017, retains the most important portfolios (Finance, Foreign Affairs, Justice) and is awarded the Environment as well as Innovation. and Industries.

The centrists of the Progress Party are responsible for Health, Education as well as Commerce and Culture, as well as a brand new Ministry of Infrastructures which includes transport, housing and town planning.

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