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In Madagascar, the first climatic famine in history

Two little girls are sitting on the ground next to a hole dug in a field of sand at the bottom of which appears a little water.

A village in Madagascar where three consecutive years of drought have caused a serious shortage of drinking water.PHOTO: Associated Press / Laetitia Bezain

Penelope McQuade animates Penelope.

Cactus leaves and dried beef skins are all that the populations of southern Madagascar, stricken by a historic famine, can still find to eat. the first caused by human-induced global warming, according to the UN. Journalist Nicolas Bertrand, correspondent for France Televisions in Africa, went there and reported what he saw in the increasingly deserted villages.

He points out that in some areas the rain has not fallen for three or four years, and describes the dramatic consequences of this situation, especially for children.

The journalist also returns to the causes of this situation, for which the government is not acting.

You will find the link to Nicolas Bertrand’s report at Correspondent in the References tab of the show.

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