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In Minneapolis, the parents of an African-American killed by the police demand justice


Amir Locke, 22, was shot dead Wednesday morning during a search of an apartment in this metropolis in the north of the United States, which remains traumatized by the murder of George Floyd.

On a video released by the police, we see agents enter with a key, then announce themselves loudly. Amir Locke, asleep on the sofa in the living room, then fidgets under his duvet, grabs a pistol and sits up slightly. Gunshots ring out. The whole thing takes less than nine seconds.

A mother should never see her son executed like this.declared Karen Wells, during a press conference, promising to fight for obtain justice.

André Locke pointed out that his son had no criminal record and had a license to carry weapons. He was a heavy sleeper and did what any law-abiding citizen would have done under the same circumstances, black and white.

For him, the police could have done otherwiseincluding ordering him to drop his weapon before firing. They didn’t give him a chance.

His death reopened the wounds caused by the May 2020 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, under the knee of a white police officer.

To ease tensions, Minnesota State Attorney General Keith Ellison promised to conduct an examination rigorous and fair facts. Amir Locke’s life matteredhe added in a press release, in reference to the emblematic slogan Black Lives matter (black lives matter).

Without prejudging the conclusions of the investigation, Democratic Governor Tim Walz noted the need to go further in the reforms of the police adopted after the death of George Floyd, in particular about search warrants.

The mandate at the heart of the drama did not mention Amir Locke. It was issued as part of a homicide investigation opened in the nearby city of Saint Paul and authorized officers not to announce themselves, according to Minneapolis Police Chief Amelia Huffman, quoted by NPR radio.

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Suspension of mandates

These so-called mandatesno knock“,”text”:”no knock”}}’>no knock (without knocking on the door) are associated with several cases of police violence and Minnesota had restricted their use after the major demonstrations in the summer of 2020.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced Friday evening the immediate suspension of such warrants in his city, and promised a thorough review of police practices.

They keep stealing innocent black livesdenounced the lawyer for the parents of Amir Locke, Ben Crump, who also represented the Floyd family.

According to him, Amir Locke had bought a weapon because he was a delivery man and wanted to be able to protect himself. Black men have, like everyone else, the right to own guns.

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