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In Morocco, little Rayan now rests near his village


The funeral took place after the Muslim midday prayer in an old cemetery a few kilometers from the village of Ighrane where the accident took place, according to AFP journalists on the spot.

An imam said the brief prayer in front of the family and congregation before the burial.

an autopsy

After being extracted from the well on Saturday evening, the remains of the 5-year-old boy, accompanied by his parents, were transported to the military hospital in Rabat to carry out an autopsy and determine the causes of death, according to local media.

Rescue workers carry a stretcher with a small boy.

Moroccan rescue services transport five-year-old Rayan to an ambulance after pulling him out of the pit he fell into five days ago.

Photo: afp via getty images / FADEL SENNA

Rayan’s death triggered considerable emotion, amplified by social networks, in Morocco and around the world.

The silence is terrible this morning in the village. Everyone was praying that he would come out alive. everyone criedtestified a relative of the family to AFP, the day after the macabre discovery.

The fall of a child reminded the world of the values ​​of humanity. »

A quote from Excerpt from the website of public television SNRT

Abroad, one of the strongest reactions came from the coach of the Algerian football team, Djamel Belmadi, who offered moving condolences to the family of little Rayan, at a time when relations between Algiers and Rabat are at their lowest.

Our pain and our pain are great, but will never equal those of his parents and loved ones.he wrote on the website of the Algerian federation, saying to himself upset.

In fact, the tragedy has sparked an avalanche of messages of compassion in Algeria on the Internet despite the political rivalry between the two enemy brothers from the Maghreb.

A sign of the shock and emotion that gripped the kingdom, it was the royal cabinet that announced the death of the child on Saturday evening. King Mohammed VI himself called Rayan’s parents to offer his condolences, and they thanked, moved, the sovereign, the authorities and all the rescuers.

Fill the hole of 32 meters

Work began on Sunday to fill in the relief tunnels drilled by the rescuers as well as the well.

Everyone paid tribute to the tireless efforts of the rescuers whose race against time was followed live by countless Internet users.

And as soon as the death was announced, tributes on social networks poured in from all over the world, in all languages.

Little angel, you fought until the end, a herogreeted a user on Twitter. He will have succeeded where leaders and the media have failed. He gathered the peoples around himopined another internet user.

A large crowd of men is gathered around mechanical shovels.

Little Rayan’s rescue work attracted many onlookers.

Photo: afp via getty images / Fadel Senna

Rayan had accidentally fallen on Tuesday into a 32-meter dry well, narrow and difficult to access, dug near the family home in Ighrane.

Entering a horizontal breach on Saturday, the rescuers had continued their work centimeter by centimeter, digging by hand to avoid any landslide.

The rescuers had tried to get oxygen and water to Rayan, without certainty that he could use them.

Clandestine and unsecured wells

From the start of the drama, thousands of supporters had rushed in a sign of solidarity and camped on the spot, in this mountainous area of ​​the Rif, at nearly 700 meters above sea level.

If the tragedy brought together Moroccans in a spirit of unity, several media on Monday denounced the proliferation and danger of clandestine and unsecured wells in this region which would be used to irrigate crops, including that of cannabis. They urged the authorities to fix it.

This accident echoed a tragedy that occurred in early 2019 in Andalusia, Spain, where 2-year-old Julen died after falling into a well 25 centimeters in diameter and more than 100 meters deep.

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