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In Washington, abortion opponents walk with a smile on their face


On January 22, 1973, the high court recognized, in its historic decision Roe v. Wade, the right of American women to have an abortion. Since then, every January, opponents of pregnancy terminations have flocked to the Supreme Court asking it to overturn the decision.

This year, they were still thousands, from all over the country. In their ranks, as always, many young people who came with their church or their school, but also men in cassocks and families, brandishing placards We choose life Where The future is anti-abortion.

But, by general opinion, the atmosphere, joyful and optimistic, was very different from previous editions.

The other years, we were ready to go to battle, says Joseph Scordato, a young man dressed in knight’s uniform, a symbol of his fight for the life of the innocent.

This year, it’s more festive because we know it’s the beginning of the end of abortion in America! »

A quote from Joseph Scordato, a protester

Like him, the demonstrators wore broad smiles despite the freezing temperature. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, slipped Marsha Chamberlain, 72, who in the past 37 years has only missed four Walks for life.

It could be the last…, she hoped.

Deeply overhauled by former President Donald Trump, who appointed three of his nine justices, the Supreme Court recently sent them several signals that they find positive.

The Texas example

First, she repeatedly refused to block a Texas law which, however, clearly violates her case law by prohibiting abortions from six weeks of pregnancy, while she set the bar around 24 weeks.

Crucially, several of its conservative justices have hinted, when considering restrictive Mississippi law, that they were prepared to curtail or even outright overturn Roe v. Wade.

Their comments showed that they respect human life, estimated Karlie Lodjic, a 24-year-old activist who came expressly from Washington State, at the other end of the United States.

On the platform, where around twenty elected Republicans marched, Jeanne Mancini, president of the march for life, paid tribute to activists, like this young woman, involved in the field.

We hope and pray that 2022 will bring historic change for life. »

A quote from Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life

Make no mistake about it, however added the organizer of this high mass, if Roe falls, the battle lines will move, corn the fight will continue in the States.

A woman shouts slogans while holding a sign that reads

Anti-abortion activists are hoping that the Supreme Court, which now leans to the right since the appointments of judges made during Donald Trump’s tenure, will rule in their favor.

Photo: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

The Court is due to render its decision before the end of June. If she goes back, it will mean that each state will be free to ban abortions or not. Half of them, especially in the southern and central United States, are ready to do so in the more or less long term.

The progressive states on the coasts, on the other hand, intend to secure access to abortion on their soil.

We will still have work to do to change cultures, to support families, mothers, people in difficult situations., underlined Missy Martinez-Stone, 32, who participated in the march on Friday.

Involved for 17 years in the fight against abortion, this resident of Louisville, Kentucky, did not expect to see as fast the end of Roe c. Wade. It makes me optimistic, but I know it’s not the end.

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