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Inappropriate sexual behavior: Activision claims to have hidden nothing


The company, in the process of being acquired by Microsoft, has been facing a series of accusations of discrimination and harassment within the group since last summer.

Its president Bobby Kotick issued an apology on behalf of the group and implemented a policy of zero tolerance. Dozens of employees have been disciplined or fired.

According to wall street journalthe heads of the company had been aware for several years of reports of harassment and sought not to publicize these incidents.

In a stock exchange document, the video game publisher candy Crush and call of duty acknowledges on Thursday the existence of cases of sexist harassment. But Contrary to many allegations, the Board of Directors and its outside advisors have determined that there is no evidence to suggest that Activision Blizzard management intentionally ignored or attempted to downplay instances of gender-based harassment that occurred. and have been reportedit is said.

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Investigation also did not unearth any evidence, direct or indirect, suggesting an attempt by a senior executive or employee to withhold information from the board of directorsis added.

Activision has also hired a former head of the US federal agency responsible for compliance with laws against discrimination in the workplace (EEOC), Gilbert Casellas, to study the file.

According to the company, it concluded that there was no widespread harassment, recurring pattern or practices of harassment, or systemic harassment within Activision Blizzard or any of its subsidiaries.

To put an end to an investigation by the EEOC, the company had all the same agreed in September 2021 to create a compensation fund of 18 million US dollars (23.3 million Canadian dollars) for victims of harassment.

Activision also remains under investigation by a California state agency (DFEH), which launched a lawsuit last summer for sexual harassment, ethnic discrimination and machismo against women in the group.

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