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Indigenous Amazonians want their voices heard at the Summit of the Americas


Delegates from indigenous nations from various Latin American countries traveled to the United States to take part in this summit. But they claim that many of them have not obtained access to meetings where their forests and their ancestral lands are nevertheless at the heart of the debates.

During these important events, where there are governments, the indigenous peoples of different countries should be present, to make our voices and our proposals heard. said Domingo Peas, from the Achuar community.

Mr. Peas, who belongs to the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of the Ecuadorian Amazon, traveled for more than two days, by boat, bus, then plane, to reach Los Angeles from his village of a hundred families. But when he arrived, he was told he couldn’t attend the event, where the issue of climate change is high on the agenda.

Indigenous voices not heard at this summit, several Indigenous delegates were denied entrytold AFP Atossa Soltani, founder and president of the NGO Amazon Watch.

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But to refrain from listening to their advice would be a serious mistake, she insists. Indigenous peoples not only have solutions for our climate and biodiversity crises, but they are also the original inhabitants of the Amazon.pleads Ms. Soltani.

If we have these incredibly intact forests in Latin America, it is because the indigenous populations, for centuries, have taken care of them and defended them with their lives. she adds.

The erratic Summit of the Americas is being held in the United States for the first time since its first edition in 1994. The event was meant to show President Joe Biden’s commitment to his southern neighbors but many are the absents.

Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were not invited by the United States and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, an essential interlocutor for Americans on the subject of immigration, decided to boycott the Summit in protest. . Far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, on the other hand, is expected to meet in Los Angeles with Mr. Biden.

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For Ms. Soltani, President Bolsonaro, whose country alone is home to around 60% of the surface of the Amazon rainforest, must act to curb its devastating commercial exploitation.

The fate of the Amazon is in the hands of world leaders who gather here this week. It is our destiny to all. This is the future of our children, the future of life on this planet she insists.

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