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Instagram changes its algorithm to favor original content


In a video posted on social media, Mosseri says the changes he is announcing are aimed at ensure recognition goes to those who deserve it.

The Meta group, which Facebook and Instagram are part of, relies heavily on Reels, a short video format launched in 2020 and which has seen tremendous growth since, for the future of its social networks. But anyone who frequents these platforms can only see that there is a lot of content from elsewhere, especially from TikTok, a direct competitor.

the classification by originality announced by Adam Mosseri could be a way to tackle this trend. It will also generally favor accounts that post original content over aggregator accounts, which pick up memes and content that first appeared elsewhere.

If you create something out of nothing, you should get more recognition than if you give new shape to something you found in someone else’s house., explained Adam Mosseri. The leader insisted a lot on the importance of the satisfaction of content creators on his platform.

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