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Instagram is looking at a new feature that’s akin to BeReal


This option will send a notification daily, at a different time, inviting Internet users to photograph the present moment by simultaneously using the front camera and the rear camera of their smartphone. The allotted time is two minutes to create the content, which will then be shared among the stories.

Recall that Instagram unveiled its Dual feature in July, which allows you to record with both cameras at the same time.

A not so original idea

The concept of the BeReal application is similar: a notification is sent daily at a random time to its users, who have two minutes to immortalize a BeReal, i.e. a capture of snapshots with the front and back camera of a smartphone. . This format aims to encourage the creation of authentic content from everyday life.

BeReal, which has over 7.5 million downloads, leads the free applications in Apple’s App Store application store.

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This is not the first time that Instagram has taken inspiration from the competition to offer new features. The stories, for example, appeared after the launch of a similar feature on the Snapchat social network. Short Reels videos are similar to the format used by TikTok.

The news was posted on Twitter by mobile developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi. The Meta company later confirmed to Engadget news outlet that the Candid Challenges feature is currently in the internal prototype stage and no public testing has been done so far. No launch date has been confirmed.

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