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Instagram’s new Notes feature brings back the MSN Messenger years


Instagram announced that it was testing this new feature with a handful of Internet users at the end of June to quickly share thoughts with loved ones.

The social network offers Internet users the possibility of writing in 60 characters or less their state of mind, classified ads or a temporary telephone number, for example.

When posting the note, a person can choose whether it will be visible to friends where the close friends only.

Each note is displayed at the top of the message board for 24 hours, unless deleted by the author. It cannot be modified once published.

It is also possible to react with emojis or respond to notes from loved ones.

A forum for the nostalgic

As soon as it was deployed, the functionality took Internet users back 12 years. Note that this addition of Instagram looks very similar to the statuses of MSN Messenger, which disappeared in 2013.

Internet users have notably chosen to display a song from the 2000s, in the same way as the Windows Media Player extension of MSN Messenger did automatically at the time. Others use it to register a series of emojis or special characters in abundance.

People also compared the feature to the old Facebook status box, which asked: What do you think?

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Instagram did not specify when the function could be available to all users of the social network.

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