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Instavidist Ludwig leaves Twitch for YouTube Gaming


Instavidist Ludwig leaves behind over 3.1 million fans on the Twitch platform. This impressive figure was boosted by one of his online prowess, a subscription marathon (subathon) of 31 days without interruption that it held in March and April. It was then filmed live 24 hours a day, which earned it the record for the largest number of paid subscriptions (around 283,000), which had until then been held by the ultra-popular instavideast Ninja.

Ludwig announced his departure to fans on social media, including Twitter, posting a humorous video. In it, we see in particular a purple car, the color of the Twitch logo, explode, before his gaze lands on another car, red this time, the color of the YouTube logo.

His interlocutor points out to him that it is almost the same car, and the instavidist retorts that she is just not the same color.


This is not the only instavidist to have taken the plunge. Before him, Ben DrLupo Lupo and Tim TimTheTatMan Betar have also switched to YouTube in recent months. Jack Courage Dunlop made the switch in 2019, as did Rachell Valkyrae Hofstetter, in 2020.

Tyler Ninja Blevins had also created a shock wave by leaving Twitch for the Mixer platform in 2019. The competitor, signed Microsoft, did not last long and was disconnected in June 2020. After having tested the ground with YouTube Gaming, the instavider finally returned exclusively to Twitch in November 2020.

In recent months, Twitch has been the target of criticism for its efforts deemed insufficient to protect Internet users from the floods of hateful content, especially towards marginalized communities. A day without Twitch was even organized on September 1 in protest.

The platform also wished a good continuation to the instavidist under the video of the announcement of the departure of Ludwig.

We do not know the details of Ludwig’s contract with YouTube, but we do know that he has an exclusivity agreement. On YouTube, Ludwig is already followed by some 2 million people.

Ludwig’s first YouTube broadcast is scheduled for Tuesday.

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