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Interest in Ukrainian skyrockets on Duolingo app


This data mainly concerns the United States, the country with the majority of Duolingo users.

But the application has also recorded a particularly marked increase in the interest of the Polish population in learning Ukrainian, with an increase in users of 1800% in the country.

Duolingo CEO and co-founder Luis Von Ahn suspects these statistics reflect the current situation, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have sought refuge in Poland in recent weeks.

Help for Ukraine

The boss of the company also undertook to pay during at least a year all advertising revenue related to people studying Ukrainian on Duolingo donated to several organizations, including the United Nations Refugee Agency and the International Rescue Committee.

Luis Von Ahn

Luis Von Ahn, founder of Duolingo

Photo: /TurnedNews.com

Access keys for the Duolingo Plus version will also be offered free of charge to refugees and their hosts and hostesses.

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The app is still offered in Russia and Belarus, but monetization has been disabled there so that it no longer pays taxes to Putin’s government.

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