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Internet users want Instagram to stop trying to look like TikTok


In recent weeks, Instagram’s news feed has taken on the air of TikTok, the competing video application that is enjoying dazzling success. We see in particular on the social network of Meta (formerly the Facebook group) more short videos called Reels, selected according to the interests of Internet users, and at the expense of photos.

Even the scrolling of the homepage – one content at a time rather than continuously scrolling – now takes on the codes of TikTok.

It was enough to motivate fans of the application to launch an online petition on the Change.org site. (New window) in order to ask for more views from Instagram.

We have TikTok for a reason, and let’s face it, the only videos uploaded are recycled TikTok and content the world has seen before. What’s innovative and unique about old, outdated content? Nothing!can we read on the site of the petition.

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The people behind the movement are also asking for the news feed to become chronological again and for the algorithm to favor photos and content from loved ones.

There’s no need to complicate things, we just want to see when our loved ones post. The beauty of Instagram was that it was instantaneousalso notes the petition’s manifesto.

By noon on Tuesday, some 150,000 signatures had already been collected.

Instagram replica

Note that Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner, the second most followed Instagram account (360 million) are among the signatories of the petition, and they both shared it in Stories on Instagram.

In a video posted Tuesday morning, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, indicated that he did not intend to back down on the presence of the videos on the platform.

I have to be honest. I think more and more Instagram is going to become video over time. »

A quote from Adam Mosseri

He specifies that this decision is motivated by the behavior of Internet users on the social network, mentioning that the consumption of videos is increasing.

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