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Investigation in the United States into the possibility of playing video games while driving a Tesla


The affected models are Model 3, S, X and Y, equipped with the Passenger Play feature, which allows video games to be played even when the car is in motion.

[Cette option] is likely to distract the person driving and increases the risk of an accident, indicates the NHTSA.

The agency specifies that the possibility of playing while driving has only been offered since December 2020 in equipped models.

Previously, the Passenger Play feature was only available when the car was stationary.

In early December, the New York Times revealed that an update to this feature made it possible to play three games, including solitaire, while driving.

However, the screen displays a warning to clarify that only people in the passenger seat are allowed to play when the car is in motion.

Not the only investigation involving Tesla

The NHTSA investigation was initiated after receiving a complaint from a driver.

How come a manufacturer is allowed to display videos that clearly obstruct focus and take up two-thirds of the screen the driver needs to have all the information about his vehicle? can we read in the complaint.

Inattentive driving caused 3,142 fatalities in the United States in 2019, according to NHTSA.

Tesla is already in the agency’s sights for its controversial driver assistance system.

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