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IOS 16 will allow correcting and erasing outgoing text messages


During its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled the iOS 16 interface for iPhone as well as several new features, including the ability to modify text messages sent with the Messages application.

Just as people now have the ability to edit Google chats or even delete sent messages in various apps like Messenger, so will text messages sent from an iPhone.

But there will be a time limit, the message can only be modified or canceled during the 15 minutes following its sending. In the statement, it is not clear if the option is only for messages sent to iPhone owners or to everyone, regardless of the type of device that receives the message.

It will also be possible to mark unread conversations to come back to them later and recover recently deleted messages up to 30 days after they were deleted. According to Apple, these three features were among the most requested by people who use Messages.

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Also, the option to be able to dictate your messages will be improved and will allow you to easily switch from recording to the keyboard.

In addition, SharePlay can be used in Messages. This feature will allow you to view content such as movies or songs while continuing to use Messages.

People who sign up with Apple will be able to beta test these new features next month.

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