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Iran declares itself against the war in Ukraine | War in Ukraine


Rau began a visit on Saturday evening at the invitation of the Iranian side, the first since 2014.

His country provides military aid to Ukraine, while Iran, for its part, had not condemned the Russian invasion of this country on February 24.

We are against the war in Ukraine, just as we are against the war in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or any part of the world. »

A quote from Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, head of Iranian diplomacy

We believe that the solution in Ukraine is political and that political negotiations between Russia and Ukraine must lead to an end to the warhe added.

During his visit, the Polish Foreign Minister and his Iranian counterpart are to sign a cooperation agreement in the fields of culture, education, science, sport, youth and the mediasaid the Iranian minister.

But this visit also has a symbolic aspect.

According to the Polish press, Mr. Rau paid tribute on Sunday in Tehran to those who suffer because of the war in Ukraine, visiting a cemetery where many of his compatriots who had been deported to the USSR at the beginning of the Second World War are buried.

At the end of an agreement with the USSR, these deportees had been released, before finding refuge in Iran in 1942.

As we remember the past, we cannot forget the people who suffer today because of the atrocities of war. »

A quote from Zbigniew Rau, head of Polish diplomacy

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