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Iran nuclear deal ‘imminent’, Israel says


Negotiations on the Iranian nuclear power resumed at the end of November in Vienna after a long break, with the aim of bringing the United States back into the fold of the 2015 agreement supposed to prevent Tehran from acquiring the atomic bomb, an intention that has always denied the Islamic Republic.

The United States left the agreement in 2018 under President Donald Trump, reinstating its sanctions in the process. In response, Iran largely freed itself from the restrictions it had agreed to impose on its nuclear activities.

More fragile than the previous one

An ally of the United States and sworn enemy of Iran, Israel considers Tehran and its nuclear program a threat to its security and that of the Middle East.

A new agreement is imminent […] It would be more fragile than the previous oneBennett said Sunday ahead of the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

Israel is getting ready the day after [accord] at all levelshe added.

Iranian terrorism endangers us and other countries in the region […] The State of Israel prepares for the day after [la conclusion de l’accord] in order to ensure the safety of its citizens by our own meansadded Mr. Bennett.

For his part, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz told a security conference in Munich, Germany on Sunday that all steps must be taken to ensure that Iran can never become a nuclear threshold state.

The world must never allow it and Israel will never allow it.added Mr. Gantz, whose country is considered by experts to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East.

The 2015 agreement allowed the lifting of international economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for strict limits on its nuclear program supposed to prevent it from acquiring the atomic bomb.

The Vienna negotiations are taking place between the Iranians and the other signatory countries of the agreement (Germany, China, France, United Kingdom and Russia), with the indirect participation of the Americans.

Guarantees demanded by the Iranians

Iranian deputies on their side called on their government on Sunday to obtain guarantees from the Western countries participating in the negotiations, according to the official Irna news agency.

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In a press release addressed to President Ebrahim Raïssi, the signatories ask the three European countries and the United States the assurance that they will not initiate a withdrawal procedure and that they will not reinstate sanctions against Iran if Tehran were to fail to respect its commitments.

Ebrahim Raisi was due to arrive in Qatar, which often plays the role of mediator, on Monday to discuss the nuclear deal, according to Qatari sources.

Qatar is active in order to bridge the gap between the United States and Iran which have reached deadlocks during the talks in Vienna. But they have made progress and started to consider direct talks. »

A quote from A diplomat, on condition of anonymity

French President Emmanuel Macron told his Iranian counterpart on Saturday that Iran should now enter the advisability of preserving the Vienna agreement, indicated the French presidency.

During a telephone interview, the President of the Republic stressed the imperative need to conclude an agreement while there is still timeunderlined the Elysée in a press release.

On Thursday, the United States reported substantial progress in Vienna, judging an agreement possible in the next few days.

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