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Iran will not enrich its uranium if talks fail


Asked by Russian news agency RIA Novosti about the possibility that Iran would further increase the level of uranium enrichment if the talks failed, Mr Eslami replied no.

Our objectives in terms of uranium enrichment are to meet our industrial, production and and those of the Iranian people, he said.

After a five-month hiatus, negotiations to save the international Iranian nuclear agreement concluded in 2015 resumed at the end of November in Vienna between the countries still party to the agreement (Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, Iran and Russia). They resume on Monday after a ten-day break and some technical progress.

The pact, moribund since the United States withdrew from it in 2018 and reinstated sanctions, offered Tehran the lifting of part of the international sanctions in exchange for a drastic reduction of its nuclear program, placed under strict control ofUnited Nations Organization.

In November, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported a sharp increase in the stockpile of highly enriched uranium by Tehran.

The United States ready to return

According to a report by theInternational Atomic Energy Agency consulted by theFrance Media Agency, the quantity of accumulated uranium, estimated at the beginning of November at 2,489.7 kg, now exceeds by more than twelve times the limit authorized by the 2015 agreement.

Iran also announced in April that it had started producing uranium enriched to 60%, well above the threshold of 3.67% set by the international agreement, approaching the 90% necessary for the manufacture. of an atomic bomb even if Tehran denies having such a project.

US President Joe Biden, whose country is indirectly participating in the Vienna talks, said he was ready to return to the agreement on condition that Iran renews its commitments.

On Tuesday, US negotiator Rob Malley warned that only a few weeks to save the deal if Tehran continued to develop its atomic activities at the current rate, warning of a crisis in case of failure of diplomacy.

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