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Israel: Discovery of an 1850-year-old coin representing a Roman goddess


An 1,850-year-old bronze coin depicting the Roman moon goddess Luna and “extremely well preserved” has been discovered in the sea in Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said.

The coin with the portrait of the goddess Luna above the zodiac sign of Cancer on one side, and the head of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius on the other, was found during searches off the city coast of Haifa.

This is the first time such a piece has been found off the coast of Israel.said Monday Jacob Sharvit, the director of the marine archeology department of theLPN in a press release.

She was in a small nest egg with other parts, he specified on Tuesday to theAFPadding that the circumstances of the discovery indicated that there had been a shipwreck nearby.

These parts have been extremely well preserved. Some are really very rare and their discovery completes parts of the historical puzzle of the country’s past.he said.

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The Roman Goddess coin was minted under Antoninus Pius (138-161 AD) in Alexandria, Egypt, according to theLPN.

It bears the inscription year eightcorresponding to the eighth year of the emperor’s reign, marking the height of the Pax Romanaa period of relative tranquility in the Roman Empire.

Unlike his predecessors, Antoninus Pius was not a soldier and never took part in battles, again according to theLPN. He built temples, theaters, magnificent mausoleums and promoted science and philosophy.

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