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Israeli army operations kill three in West Bank


Israeli soldiers conducted a series of operations in the West Bank on Sunday, where three Palestinians lost their lives in separate incidents.

Israeli forces, which limited access to the Jenin area this weekend, said they seized weapons stolen from Israel and arrested around 20 people during these operations, which injured around 10, according to the Palestinian ministry. of Health.

In the evening, the situation remained tense in Jenin, local sources said, reporting fire from the Israeli army the day after an army operation that left one dead, a fighter from Islamic Jihad, the main Islamist movement. armed after Hamas.

Palestinians carry the coffin of Ahmed al-Sadi.

Palestinians carry the coffin of Ahmed al-Sadi, an Islamic Jihad fighter killed in an Israeli raid in Jenin.


The Israeli army said it opened fire on a vehicle in which two brothers of the author of the last attack in Tel Aviv were traveling. An Israeli security source also told AFP that the security forces asked the assailant’s father to surrender, threatening to raid the camp if he did not comply.

For his part, spokesman for the armed factions in Jenin, Abou Mouadh, said in a statement that the camp was in state of emergency and called on local fighters to a general mobilization to to face an incursion Israeli forces.

Local mosques have called on people to stay at home, avoid walking the streets of this densely populated camp and not take pictures of fighters.

deadly attacks that have hit Israel in recent weeks”,”text”:”The State of Israel has gone on the offensive […] and will do whatever is necessary to defeat terrorism. We will settle accounts with all those who are linked, directly or indirectly, to the deadly attacks that have hit Israel in recent weeks”}}”>The State of Israel has gone on the offensive […] and will do whatever is necessary to defeat terrorism. We will settle accounts with all those linked, directly or indirectly, to the deadly attacks that have hit Israel in recent weeks.Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday.

The government has also authorized an investment of 360 million shekels (more than 135 million Canadian dollars) to extend by 40 km the security barrier separating Israel from part of the Palestinian territories which had been erected during the Second Intifada, a Palestinian uprising of the early 2000s.

Almost 20 years ago to the day, after deadly anti-Israeli attacks, the Israeli army launched a major offensive in Jenin during which 53 Palestinians, more than half civilians, and 23 Israeli soldiers had been killed in ten days of intense fighting.

Renewed violence in the Middle East

Elsewhere in the West Bank, near Bethlehem, a 40-year-old widow and mother of six who was heading way suspicious towards soldiers despite warning shots succumbed to his wounds inflicted by gunfire from Israeli soldiers, the army and the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

Late in the evening, at Al Khader, near Bethlehem, the Israeli army told AFP that it had opened fire on a Palestinian who threw a Molotov cocktail to a busy road. The young man, Mohammed Ghnaim, 21, is dead, the Palestinian Ministry of Health and local sources confirmed.

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And in Hebron, in the southern West Bank, Israeli police say they shot and killed a Palestinian woman who stabbed and injured slightly an officer in the center of this powder keg.

Since March 22, Israel has been hit by four attacks, the first two perpetrated by Israeli Arabs linked to the jihadist organization Islamic State (IS) and the last two by Palestinians from the Jenin area. These attacks resulted in a total of 14 deaths.

According to an AFP tally, thirteen Palestinians, including assailants, have been killed in violence since that date.

The latest attack in Israel, on Thursday, claimed the lives of three Israelis – Eitam Megini and Tomer Morad, childhood friends in their twenties, and Barak Lufan, a father of three aged 35. years – right in the heart of the metropolis, Tel Aviv.

Thousands of Israelis gathered on Sunday to attend the funerals of the three men, which took place in the city of Kfar Saba (center) and at Kibbutz Ginosar (north).

People gather near the coffin of Eitam Megini.

Friends and family mourn at the funeral of Eitam Megini, killed in a bar attack by a Palestinian gunman in Tel Aviv.

Photo: Reuters/RONEN ZVULUN

You appeared to me yesterday in a dream telling me it was all a joke. I believed you and then I woke upsaid the girlfriend of Tomer Morad, Ariel Weinblat, during his funeral oration. I love you, my heart is bleedingshe added.

It’s a hard daysaid Prime Minister Bennett of the funeral, who repeated on Sunday that he had given carte blanche to the armed forces in the war on terrorism.

On Sunday evening, demonstrations took place in various areas of the West Bank in support of the people of Jenin.

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