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Israeli army raid kills Palestinian camp in Jenin


A youth was killed by Israeli bullets in Jenin and at least five injuredsaid the Palestinian Ministry of Health, while the Israeli army confirmed to theFrance Media Agency carry out an operation in this camp, considered as one of the main strongholds of the Palestinian armed factions in the occupied West Bank.

Armed assailants fire on armed forces and border police carrying out counter-terrorism operation in Jenin refugee camp […] In response, the troops fire in the direction of the attackerssaid the Israeli army, which did not report any injuries in its ranks.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Friday gave the security forces carte blanche to defeat a new wave of terror in Israel, after the armed attack Thursday evening in the center of Tel Aviv, which left three dead, all Israelis, and a dozen wounded.

Anyone who helped [l’assaillant]indirectly or directly, will pay the pricewarned Mr. Bennett, also ordering the closure of the Jalameh crossing point linking the Jenin region to Israel, in order to reduce the possibility of movement to and from of this sector.

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The Tel Aviv attack was welcomed by Islamic Jihad and Hamas, two main Palestinian armed Islamist movements, but condemned by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, also leader of the secular Fatah party.


Following a manhunt in the streets of the Israeli metropolis, the security forces had located and killed in an exchange of fire the assailant, Raëd Hazem, 28, a Palestinian no known affiliation to an armed faction, according to Israeli intelligence, and originating from Jenin in the West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967.

Palestinian sources have confirmed that Mr. Hazem’s father is a retired officer in the Palestinian security forces. And according to the Israeli press, Israel has asked the United States to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas, in order to stop paying his pension.

This offensive in Jenin is the second in about a week for the Israeli forces. After the fatal attack on five people last week in Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish town on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, the Israeli army raided the area where the assailant was also from.

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At least three fighters from Islamic Jihad, the main Palestinian armed Islamist movement after Hamas, were killed in exchanges of fire in this densely populated camp which had been at the heart of the clashes during the second intifada, a Palestinian uprising in the early 2000s. .

Twenty years ago, after deadly anti-Israeli attacks, the army launched a major offensive in Jenin, during which 53 Palestinians, more than half civilians, and 23 Israeli soldiers were killed in ten days of intense fighting.

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