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Jigsaw makes the source code of its anti-harassment software free


This decision regarding the Harassment Manager web application means that developers will be able to use it as a basis for building their own version of the online anti-harassment tool.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation, a charity linked to the Reuters news agency, has already indicated its intention to roll out its web application for members of its staff in June.

Sanitize your social networks

Journalists, activists and public and political figures – especially the target of toxic comments online – can use the web application to review, sort and export harassing messages received on social networks.

These people can also easily document, mask or blur adverse responses that are categorized by different levels of toxicity. The software also makes it possible to mute or block accounts causing harassment.

Harassment Manager currently only works on Twitter, using Google’s free Perspective API and Jigsaw, which uses machine learning to detect potentially harmful comments.

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Perspective API defines them as messages rude, disrespectful, unreasonable, which could cause someone to leave a discussion.

Jigsaw says opening up the tool is just one step in helping people who face disproportionate online toxicity. According to company data, 70% of female journalists receive threats online. Of these, 40% stopped dealing with certain topics as a result.

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