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Joe Biden in New York to show his seriousness in the fight against crime


He is expected at midday at the headquarters of the New York police (NYPD) – the largest in the United States in terms of numbers – with the new mayor Eric Adams, before a meeting with local officials in Queens , one of the five districts of the megalopolis of nearly 9 million inhabitants.

Eric Adams, a former African-American right-wing Democratic Party policeman, has been under pressure since taking office on 1er January to fight crime, especially since two young NYPD officers were shot dead by a violent man in Harlem on January 21.

A supporter of a hard line, he regretted on Thursday on New York television PIX 11 that the federal government and local authorities had [d’une réponse au] 11September”,”text”:”not, against gun violence, an approach in style [d’une réponse au] September 11th”}}”>not, against gun violence, an approach in the style [d’une réponse au] September 11thcalling for better cooperation between the police and the judiciary.

We need criminal justice reform in this city and this countryinsisted Mr. Adams on the CBS channel.

In 2021, several US cities recorded record numbers of homicides. Stores looted in San Francisco, children killed by stray bullets, shootings in Washington: often deadly news items punctuate the television news.

Admittedly, the wave of violence began to mount before Joe Biden was invested, a consequence according to experts of the pandemic, which has weakened the social fabric. And American cities remain safer than they were in the 1980s and 1990s.

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But the president is increasingly held responsible for the growing insecurity. According to a December ABC/Ipsos poll, the percentage of Americans approving of its security action fell to 36% from 43% in October.

More police resources

The Democrat is regularly accused by the right-wing Republican party of ignoring the rise in crime and of wanting to cut into the means of the police, a few months before legislative elections that are off to a bad start for the Democrats.

Eric Adams, on the contrary, is calling for an increase in the NYPD’s budget (36,000 police officers and 19,000 employees) after a protest movement against the police in 2020.

President [Biden] has been an advocate for fighting crime for decades [et] never advocated cutting police fundingassured his spokesperson Jen Psaki.

Joe Biden therefore gives his backing to Eric Adams and hopes to take advantage of the growing interest aroused by this new Democratic leader with his hard line against crime.

Eric Adams speaks in front of the building with several windows broken.

New York Mayor Eric Adams calls for an increase in the NYPD budget (archives).

Photo: dpa via getty images / Timothy A. Clary

The mayor of New York has thus announced the restoration of plainclothes police patrols, controversial teams abolished in 2020 after the death of George Floyd, killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, the event triggering the major demonstrations. Black Lives Matter of summer 2020.

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The subject of security is politically very delicate for Joe Biden, who wants to promote in New York his vision of a smart securityboth tough on criminals and more respectful, a senior White House official said.

The president will call for additional funding of $500 million to both recruit police officers and do preventive work, according to his office.

He will also recall that the White House is mobilizing against unlisted phantom weapons to be assembled or “ ghost guns and against illegal firearms trafficking.

If Joe Biden does not want to be taxed with passivity by the Republicans, he cannot afford either to antagonize the African-American electorate, mostly favorable to the Democrats, and to whom he promised more justice during his campaign.

Activists who fight against police violence have not forgotten that in 1994, Senator Biden had fervently supported a harsher criminal law deemed responsible, subsequently, for the mass incarceration of people from minorities.

In fact, the White House seems to have muted certain promises made to the progressive camp in terms of criminal policy.

The president has certainly appointed, at all levels of the judicial system, magistrates from minorities.

But he hasn’t really sought so far to revive movement-inspired police reform. Black Lives Matterwhich failed in Congress last year.

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