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Joe Biden talks concrete and major works for the 1st anniversary of his presidency


Far from the solemn promises to reunite America made on January 20, 2021 on the steps of the Capitol, the American president marked this first anniversary in a much more concrete way.

Our nation has never made such an investment, he said, before a meeting with the team responsible for overseeing the 1.2 trillion US dollars that the United States will spend on its decrepit infrastructure.

This gigantic program – which has the undeniable political advantage of being available almost endlessly in announcements of road repairs, laying of pipes and deployment of an Internet network – is a rare success in a presidency that is going through a very bad patch.

It is also a consensual subject, in an America which sometimes seems to no longer be able to agree on anything, since the law has even been passed by a few Republican parliamentarians.

Hammering the successes in the economy and the fight against COVID-19, recalibrating promises, getting more in touch with the population: this is the strategy exposed on Wednesday by the 79-year-old Democrat, during a press conference closely two hours.

communication operation

But we are in the United States, and it needed a little Hollywood touch: supporters of Joe Biden recruited Tom Hanks to narrate, in a two-minute clip with powerful music and moving images, the successes of the president and the resilience from America, land of the brave.

Some Republicans immediately sneered at this video and the actor’s contribution, which they say is reminiscent of an episode of the popular cartoon The simpsons.

On Twitter, the White House broadcast unfailingly enthusiastic video testimonials from Americans who benefited from Joe Biden’s stimulus measures – a high school student, a shopkeeper, a delivery man, three African-American women representing three generations of the same family.

But this communication operation itself reveals the disappointments of the Biden presidency.

One of the testimonials comes from a father who explains that he was greatly relieved by a family tax credit.

However, this tax credit ended because Joe Biden failed to pass a major social and environmental reform, amounting to 1,750 billion dollars, for lack of a sufficient majority in the Senate.

Same scenario for a major law to protect the access of African Americans to the vote. Two Democratic senators joined the Republican camp in a crucial Senate vote on Thursday night, condemning the project.


In his press conference, Joe Biden promised to save from wide sections of his social and environmental agenda, and assured that he would not give up on electoral reform.

But it is unlikely that this face-to-face with journalists, rare and therefore eagerly awaited, really marked a turning point, a few months before the mid-term legislative elections which could turn into a debacle for the Democrats.

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By this endurance exercise, Joe Biden may have wanted to respond to the recurring attacks of certain Republicans on his physical form and his mental acuity.

And on the side of Democratic officials, we consider this more positive tone welcome – a far cry from Donald Trump and his thunderous exercises in self-satisfaction.

But Joe Biden, more inclined to digressions than to shock formulas, stumbled, as often, on his tendency to sometimes confused statements.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Photo: via Reuters / SPUTNIK

He had to clarify on Thursday a wording on the possibility of an incursion minor of Russia in Ukraine, an adjective which aroused the indignation of Kiev.

Saying to have been absolutely clear with Vladimir Putin, the US President said: If a group of Russian units crosses the border of Ukraine, it is an invasion.

Two polls have already come to darken the anniversary. These opinion polls published by NBC and CBS credit the president with a confidence rating silted around 43 or 44%.

Asked about his low popularity, Joe Biden brushed aside the question on Wednesday: I don’t believe the polls.

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