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Judges restore compulsory vaccination in health in the United States | Coronavirus


A lower court only had the power to block settlement in the 14 states that had sued and not to impose a national injunction, according to the ruling of justices Leslie Southwick, James Graves and Gregg Costa.

The Court of Appeal, however, found that the Biden administration had not provided enough evidence to convince federal employees to get vaccinated.

In his strategy to fight COVID-19, the US president in September made compulsory vaccination for healthcare workers whose employers receive federal funding.

Vaccination is the best way out of this pandemic, commented the Democratic president, before showing his regrets: Too many people go unvaccinated for us to be able to get out permanently.

To put pressure on establishments, Biden had indicated that those who refused the vaccine would lose their federal funding.

Vaccinate to save lives

With his mandate to make the vaccine mandatory, the US president aims to raise the vaccination rate, which currently stands at 61%, as infections increase and deaths remain above 1,000 per day.

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The Biden administration has argued that the vaccine requirement could save thousands of lives, although it fears an increase in infections and deaths from the onset of winter and the Omicron variant.

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