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Ketamine psychotherapy clinic opens in Vancouver


Clinics Field Trip Healthalready well established in Toronto and Fredericton in addition to several American cities and Amsterdam, specialize in the use of ketamine to treat, in particular, severe depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Using ketamine disrupts some of our thought patterns that come naturally to us and allows us to be a little more introspective and think a little deeper.explains the nurse and manager of the new clinic, Monica Mina.

At the moment, she adds, ketamine is the only psychedelic permitted in therapy by the federal government that does not require a special waiver. However, Ottawa has a special program where you can apply for therapy using psilocybin or MDMA.

However, not all clients will be able to benefit from this psychedelic-assisted therapy. A person must first be recommended by their doctor or psychologist and then meet with the clinic’s doctor who specializes in mental health to determine if treatment is indicated.

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If so, a full treatment can take an average of 3-5 weeks and can cost up to $5,000.

We administer the medicine and then the client goes on what is called a journey where they observe inside themselves what is happening in their lifeillustrates Monica Mina by specifying that ketamine has an antidepressant effect.

Such therapy is not without risk since ketamine can have an effect on blood pressure and heart rate, which is why it is important that it be well supervised, she warns. She adds that when used in an unsupervised setting, its use can become addictive.

We ensure that ketamine is given to individuals who can safely receive this drug.

Not a quick fix, says therapist

Hypnotherapist and music therapist Joey Poon came to visit the clinic during the open house to see if any of his clients might be interested in this therapy. According to her, even if the treatment lasts an average of five weeks, it should not be mistaken and considered that it is a quick fix.

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It may seem like a shortcut […] but it is not. It’s hard work and I’m not trying to scare people, but it’s not a quick fixshe argues.

She says she is still very happy to see such a clinic open in Vancouver and to feel a greater acceptability of therapy with psychedelics in the province.

I think we’re at a very exciting time where people are more open, where there’s exciting research being done and where lots of wonderful people are coming together to form this in a safe environment.she says.

With information from Wildinette Paul and Simon Gohier

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