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Kidnapping of missionaries in Haiti: three other hostages freed


Two other hostages had already recovered their freedom in November, so that 12 people remain in the hands of the kidnappers.

We thank God that three more hostages were freed last night, indicates a press release published on the Christian Aid Ministries. Those who have been released are safe and sound and appear to be in good spirits.

As with the previous release, we are unable to provide the names of those released, the circumstances of their release or any other details., adds the American group based in Ohio.

The 17 missionaries and their family members – 16 Americans and 1 Canadian – were kidnapped on October 16 in Ganthier, a small town east of Port-au-Prince. They had just visited an orphanage in the heart of an area under the control of one of Haiti’s main gangs, the 400 Mawozo.

According to Christian Aid Ministries the group consisted of 12 adults aged between 18 and 48, and five children aged 8 months, 3, 6, 13 and 15 years old. Their identity has never been revealed.

The Haitian Minister of Justice, Liszt Quitel, had indicated shortly after the kidnapping that the 400 Mawozo demanded a ransom of several million dollars for their release, specifying that he expected negotiations.

It is impossible to know at this stage whether any payments were made to the kidnappers.

Global Affairs Canada advises Canadians to avoid non-essential travel to Haiti due to severe fuel shortage, risk of kidnapping and civil unrest that shake the country.

The Canadian Embassy in Haiti remains open, but Ottawa decided last month to temporarily remove all family members of Canadian employees working there, as well as all non-essential Canadian employees.

The kidnappings in Haiti affect not only foreigners, but also many Haitians deemed to have the means to pay ransom, and some of them end badly.

A university professor kidnapped the same day as the North American missionaries, Patrice Michel Derenoncourt, for example, was executed two weeks later.

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