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Kiev refuses the humanitarian corridors to Belarus and Russia offered by Moscow | War in Ukraine


This is not an acceptable solutiondeplored Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk, who opposes the routes proposed by the Russians.

Moscow promised earlier the opening of several humanitarian corridors and the establishment of local ceasefires to evacuate civilians from the Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv, Kiev, Mariupol and Sumy.

The Russian Ministry of Defense made the announcement in a press release, without specifying how long these corridors will remain open.

The Russian army is thus planning a passage between the capital Kiev and the Belarusian city of Gomel, not far from the Ukrainian border. Another corridor would run from Kharkiv to the Russian city of Belgorod.

The military says the decision was made after a personal request formulated by French President Emmanuel Macron to his Russian counterpart, which the Élysée refutes. The two heads of state spoke for 1:45 a.m. on Sunday.

In recent days, two attempts to evacuate civilians from the besieged port of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine have failed, with Kiev and Moscow accusing each other of violating the conditions of the evacuation.

This announcement comes as the Russian army intensely bombarded Ukraine’s second city, Kharkiv, last night and is still trying to surround the capital Kiev. Vladimir Putin’s troops also continue their siege in Mariupol, in the south-east of the country.

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According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian forces are concentrating their efforts on Kharkiv, Cherniguiv (north), Sumy (north-east) and Mykolayev (south) and accumulate their resources to launch an assault on Kyiv.

Intense airstrikes took place in Kharkiv, with its 1.4 million inhabitants, targeting a sports complex of a local university and civilian buildings, according to a journalist from theFrance Media Agency.

The city, near the border with Russia, in northeastern Ukraine, has been the scene of some of the most violent bombardments since the start of the war.

The Russian army advances towards Kiev

200 kilometers southwest of Kiev, nine people were killed in an attack by the Russian army on Vinnytsia airport, Ukrainian authorities report.

In the capital, Sergeant Casper, of the Ukrainian volunteer units, stands ready to blow up the last fully mined bridge still standing, which connects Kiev to its hinterland, where Russian forces are making their way.

We will try everything to keep him upright, the former paratrooper told AFP. But if we get the order from above or see the Russians advancing, we’ll blow it up… with as many enemy tanks as possible he assured.

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Intense fighting took place all day Sunday on the outskirts of Kiev, according to the Ukrainian regional administration, in particular around the road leading to Zhytomyr (150 km west of Kiev), as well as in Cherniguiv (150 km north of the capital).

According to the Geneva-based World Health Organization, reports of attacks on health centers in Ukraine are on the rise.

For its part, the UN, which reports more than 350 civilians killed, reports more than 1.5 million people who have already fled Ukraine. This is the fastest-erupting refugee crisis since World War II.

Outpouring of support for Ukraine

Nearly 20,000 foreign fighters have volunteered to help Ukraine fight against Russia, according to Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko in an interview with Everybody talks about it Sunday night.

They come mainly from European countries declared for his part Dmytro Kouleba, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the American channel CNN.

When people saw that the Ukrainians were fighting, that they were not giving up, it made them join our fight he said.

Demonstrations in support of the Ukrainian people have multiplied this weekend, around the world, but also in the country, especially in Vancouver and Toronto.

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