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kyiv will soon receive heavy weapons from Eastern European countries, according to Berlin | War in Ukraine


These are combat tanks, armored vehicles, or other possibilities [de matériel] that countries can cede to Ukraine, explained Christine Lambrecht during an interview with the continuous news channel n-tv.

This material will be delivered in the next few days while military experts say that the next two weeks will be decisive in the Russian war in Ukraine, she said.

Several countries of theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization have already given the green light to deliveries of heavy weapons, such as the United States, Great Britain, the Czech Republic or the Netherlands.

Under fire for his reluctance to do the same, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Tuesday a commitment to help Eastern European allies supplying Soviet-made weapons to kyiv, also used by the Ukrainian army, by replacing the material they will provide.

Each country decides what they can give, and we guarantee that we will support them to replenish [leurs stocks] so that the countries of Eastern Europe can ensure the defense of their own territorydetailed the Social Democratic Minister, without specifying the time it would take to replace the equipment.

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Germany, which has already delivered defensive weapons, assures that it will not be able to draw more on the reserves of the Bundeswehr, failing which it could no longer ensure neither its commitments to theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization nor the defense of its own territory.

A Panzerhaubitze self-propelled howitzer.

Soldiers load a Panzerhaubitze PZH 2000 155mm self-propelled howitzer onto a truck in Muenster, Germany.

Photo: Getty Images/Sean Gallup

The minister also called for the rapid implementation of the exceptional fund of 100 billion euros decided by the government to modernize the army, but still subject to the vote of the Bundestag.

Ms Lambrecht also confirmed that Germany would train Ukrainian soldiers to use Panzerhaubitze 2000 armored howitzers.

We cannot deliver the weapons ourselves, the Bundeswehr does not have the meansshe hammered, but where we can help, or train, we will.

According to German media, these armored vehicles will be supplied by the Netherlands. Prime Minister Mark Rutte recently announced on Twitter the dispatch of armored vehicles to Ukraine, without specifying their type.

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