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Lab-grown meat on the menu


In the JW Marriott hotel in downtown Singapore, a table is placed in the center of a room filled with screens that broadcast images and sounds of the jungle. Videos on the origins and future of food parade.

On the menu that evening, chicken nuggets served in two ways: maple with a waffle and spicy sauce or seasoned with sesame seeds, onions and pickles on a bao, a steamed bun.

In the culinary paradise that is Singapore, it is an experience without equal. Chicken meat was designed in the laboratory.

I didn’t know if it was going to be plastic or not really, but it’s meat, comments Bruno Ménard, a former three-star French chef.

It is certain that it is meat. When we taste, it’s meat. We have texture, we have taste. It tastes like poultry. I am pleasantly surprised.

A quote from Bruno Menard

Chicken made in a bioreactor

The company Eat Just worked for four years in the laboratory on the design of this synthetic meat. The product was developed from chicken stem cells taken by biopsy.

After their collection, the stem cells are then cultured in a 1200 liter bioreactor where they multiply thanks to a supply of vitamins and various nutrients.

Chicken served in a restaurant.

Chicken from Eat Just is served in restaurants in Singapore.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Supplied by the food company Eat Just

The operation makes it possible to manufacture only chicken meat, not to produce the animal itself. In 14 days, a few kilograms of synthetic meat are ready for consumption. It is three times less time than a chicken that is raised and then taken to the slaughterhouse.

The company Eat Just does not want to reveal the cost of producing this synthetic meat. However, for example, the kibble served during this immersive dinner cost the customer $ 23 and the company was losing a lot of money.

million dollars in private funding in Qatar and Singapore over the past year “,” text “:” We were successful in attracting $ 267million in private funding to Qatar and Singapore during the past year. last year “}} ‘>We have been successful in attracting $ 267 million in private funding to Qatar and Singapore over the past year, explains Josh Tetrick. It allows us to work on improving the texture of the chicken, developing strips and chicken breasts. We are also targeting other types of meat.

Chef Bruno Ménard is already dreaming of synthetic chicken mousse.

Bruno Ménard.

Former French chef Bruno Ménard

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Philippe Leblanc

There will certainly be an evolution of the product, he says. We will be able to control the textures and it will become more and more interesting, but we already have a product that is absolutely incredible. It is important not to add any additives or additional things in this meat.

The ethical issues of synthetic meat

Meat grown in the laboratory raises ethical questions. Some companies use growth hormones, for example. Other companies, like Eat Just, use fetal calf serum as a culture medium, which is considered cruel because it requires the slaughter of pregnant cows.

For its part, the medical world remains skeptical about the nutritional value and benefits of synthetic meat. The director of prevention at the Montreal Heart Institute, Martin Juneau, has doubts.

It would be better to have an increase richer in plants, in plant proteins, than to get into cultured meat, in my opinion.

A quote from Martin Juneau, cardiologist

“We recommend that people eat less meat. Insects, in animal proteins, would be better, ”he said.

Chicken on plates.

Laboratory-produced chicken is on the plates of some restaurants.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Supplied by the food company Eat Just

After Singapore, Qatar soon and the United States next. The company Eat Just hopes to soon obtain the green light from the American health authorities.

They have the same questions as Singapore. They want more information about the process and the methods we use. We’re already ready to launch when they give us permission.

It already seems inevitable that laboratory-grown meat will arrive in Canada within a few years.

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