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Leaders of European diplomacy visit Boutcha | War in Ukraine


European leaders were due to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky there on Friday to discuss aid to Ukraine. They first made a detour to Boutcha, where they went to see the mass graves. Dozens of massacred Ukrainians were found there last week, after the departure of Russian troops.

Mr. Borrell obviously took the opportunity to strongly condemn the blind attack of [vendredi] morning by russia.

This new Russian strike has also been denounced by other European leaders. Russia’s crimes in Ukraine will not go unpunishedBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned at a press conference.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz were also appalled by the recent bombings.

Earlier in the day, Mr Zelensky told the Finnish Parliament that Ukraine could not wait for more new Western weapons and needed sanctions powerful against Russia.

To defend our liveshe launched, we need weapons that some of our partners in the European Union have.

Slovakia answered his call. Indeed, Slovak Prime Minister Edouard Heger announced that his country had supplied the S-300 air defense system to Ukraine to support it in its war effort against Russia.

For Mr. Heger, who was on his way to kyiv, this Don is a response from his country to a request for assistance made by Ukraine in the exercise of the self-defenseunder Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

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According to the Slovak Prime Minister, this system will help save as many innocent Ukrainians as possible against the aggression of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Boris Johnson meanwhile announced the shipment of additional anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine.

Zelensky claims a Molotov cocktail of sanctions

Otherwise, sanctions continue to multiply in Europe against Russia.

The European Commission announced on Friday that it had already frozen 29.5 billion euros in Russian and Belarusian assets. These assets include boats, helicopters, real estate and works of art for nearly 6.7 billion euros.

For its part, the United Kingdom imitated Washington and Brussels by announcing on Friday that it was refusing access to its territory to the two daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin and that of the head of diplomacy Sergei Lavrov.

But President Zelensky is calling for much tougher measures to weaken Russia.

How long can Europe ignore a Russian oil embargo? How long?wondered the Ukrainian president.

As part of a fifth round of sanctions against Moscow, European Union representatives decided on Thursday to place an embargo on Russian coal and to close European ports to Russian ships. But kyiv asks for more.

We need powerful and effective sanctions against Russia, permanent sanctions, a “cocktail of sanctions” which will be remembered as Molotov cocktailssaid Mr. Zelensky.

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The Donbass in the sights of Moscow

French President Emmanuel Macron called Friday’s attack on civilians in Kramatorsk horrendous. However, he expects more heavy strikes in the separatist areas of Donbass by May 9, the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender in 1945.

For Russia, May 9 is a national holiday, an important military appointment, and it is almost certain that, for President Putin, May 9 must be a day of victory.explained Mr. Macron.

We are thinking of the victims of Kramatorsk, Boutcha, Mariupol, Kharkiv, he continued. Across Ukraine, we will support investigations to bring justice. We think of the families who continue to flee, we will welcome them into our Union, our Union of peace.

According to the latest update from the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), 4.38 million Ukrainians have fled their country since the beginning of the conflict. Most of them have found refuge in Poland, which is very supportive of Ukraine.

At the end of March, Poland expelled 45 Russian spies posing as diplomats. This measure demonstrates a Warsaw’s conscious desire to permanently destroy bilateral relationsdenounced Russian diplomacy.

In retaliation, Russia in turn expelled 45 Polish diplomats on Friday.

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