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Life imprisonment for a German accused of cannibalism


Stefan R., a 42-year-old teacher, was convicted of murder and D’breach of the peace of the dead.

In view of the gravity of the facts, his conviction was accompanied by a mention making any early release almost impossible.

President of court Matthias Schertz said Stefan R. committed the crime to fulfill his cannibalistic fantasies, calling itinhuman.

In 30 years of career, nothing like this ever landed on my desk, did he declare.

The accused remained silent and expressionless as the verdict was read.

On September 6, 2020, the victim had agreed to a sexual encounter with the accused via a dating platform.

The man then took a taxi to the suspect’s apartment in Berlin-Pankow, in the north of the German capital.

Stefan R. then administered a glass of GHB to her, rapist drug, which would have made him lose consciousness.

The accused then slit his victim’s throat and left her bleeding, because it gave her sexual stimulation, said prosecutor Martin Glage in his requisitions.

Once dead, it would have devoured part of its limbs.

Discovery of bones in 2020

The investigation into his disappearance had remained at a standstill until the discovery of human bones by walkers, in November 2020, in a park in northern Berlin.

The investigation had established that these were the remains of a missing man.

It was by analyzing the victim’s phone that the investigators were able to identify a taxi driver who had driven him to the home of the accused.

The police then found traces of blood, other parts of the body and several tools, including a bone saw.

Cannibalism Forums

There was a lot of blood from the victim, according to Glage. There are no signs of consensual homicide: the victim wanted to make it out alive, he continued.

Investigators then revealed that the accused had already researched concrete and detailed on various forums related to cannibalism.

The case recalls the case of Detlev Günzel, a former police commissioner, convicted of having killed and butchered, obviously at his request, a man met on a website of anthropophagy fetishists. There was no evidence to establish that he had eaten his victim.

Another case that froze Germany in the early 2000s is that of Armin Meiwes, nicknamed the cannibal of Rotenburg, sentenced to life in 2006 for a homicide followed by anthropophagia, all filmed.

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