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Living with multiple sclerosis: between resilience and hope


Accompanying a loved one who lives with multiple sclerosis, “it’s a succession of small bereavements”, notes Jean-Benoit Cloutier-Boucher, whose mother had it. Despite the difficult times, this did not prevent him from approaching the disease with a touch of humor in his poetic account on the subject, Drink the sea with your eyes open. “Despite the illness and the bereavement – ​​there is not just that – there are the exchanges, the laughter, the love that we have for each other, and I think that is what triumphs at the very end. . »

This sentence upsets Sophie Berriault, herself suffering from multiple sclerosis; because the meaning of the words can play a big part in the acceptance of the disease.

I was lucky, at the time of my diagnosis, to have a doctor who said to me: “You have; you are not multiple sclerosis.” she says.

With Dr. Nathalie Arbour, Jean-Benoit Cloutier-Boucher and Sophie Berriault talk about their respective realities and the glimmers of hope for people living with the disease.

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