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Logitech announces its Steam Deck replica, the Logitech G Gaming Handheld


Cloud video game services, including Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now, will be able to rely on a new compatible handheld device, the Logitech G Gaming Handheld, developed by Logitech’s partnership with Tencent Games, Microsoft and Nvidia.

The small computer, a competitor to Valve’s Steam Deck, will launch sometime in 2022.

Playing cloud games does not require downloading to a console or PC, but a great internet connection is required for fast data transfer with remote servers.

The idea of ​​being able to stream and play AAA games almost anywhere is super exciting, and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on.said Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G, in a press release.

The Swiss company specializing in the manufacture of computer accessories was stingy with details on the handheld. No specific release date, price or physical preview has been revealed. We do know, however, that the forthcoming device will be compatible with multiple cloud gaming services.

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The cloud in multiplayer mode

The Logitech G Gaming Handheld announcement comes about six months after Valve launched its own gaming handheld, the Steam Deck. It is compatible with many PC titles from its Steam platform, but also most cloud gaming services, such as Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Gamers have to shell out a hefty amount to get their hands on this handheld, ranging from $500 to $820. Tencent and Logitech’s version might be a more affordable alternative.

Those interested in receiving development updates for the Logitech G Gaming Handheld can register on the Logitech G site. (New window).

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