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LUCAS, a valuable aid for paramedics


Every year in the country, nearly 40,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest and barely 10% survive. This statistic from the Jacques-de Champlain Foundation, whose mission is to improve resuscitation care in Quebec, could change. Studies clearly show that there is a patient benefit and also a benefit for the safety of paramedicssays CTAQ Saguenay operations supervisor Gerry Simard, referring to LUCAS.

An ambulance supervisor holds the device above a dummy.

This automated massager helps maintain blood circulation until the patient’s heart function is restored.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Philippe L’Heureux

It is an automatic massager that is able to do chest compressions, cardiac massage automatically to be able to maintain blood circulation while transporting or doing maneuversadds Mr. Simard.

The programming of the device makes it possible to keep a constant rhythm but also to detect the force necessary for the compressions.

Because it’s programmed, the rhythm is good, the depth is good. You can’t get better versus Mr. Everybody or good old basic CPR. »

A quote from Gerry Simard, Operations Supervisor CTAQ Saguenay

Improved security

Previously, paramedics could not strap themselves into the ambulance to perform CPR. With this automatic device, the performance and safety of paramedics will be greatly improved.

A detour, a sudden stop, a sudden acceleration caused the paramedics, while holding on with one hand, to perform chest compressions with the other. It brought some difficultysays Mr. Simard.

The device, which costs around $15,000, can be carried in a backpack and set up in seconds. For Mr. Simard, who has thirty years of experience, this is a revolution in the field.

The device above a dummy inside an ambulance.

This device allows paramedics to concentrate on other tasks and above all, to be safe during transport.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Philippe L’Heureux

The LUCAS device has been in service for about a week in Saguenay. Nurses can also continue to use it to continue resuscitation once the patient arrives at the hospital.

According to a report by Philippe L’Heureux.

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