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It is possible to see long, spreading streaks of stars and gas that look like both galaxies have just been hit at high speed by the bowling ball-shaped galaxy that appears below to the left of the picture, continues the press release.

Interactions between galaxies occur over long periods of time, but these vast collections of interstellar stars, dust and gas rarely collide head-on with each other.

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It is unknown if the bottom galaxy actually interacts with the other two, even though they are very close in space., explain the astronomers. The two on the right look, from the perspective of our solar system, like the USS Enterprise starship from Star Trek!

The three galaxies are called NGC 7764A1, NGC 7764A2 and NGC 7764A3 respectively.

The largest galaxy of the trio, NGC 7764A1 (also known as ESO 293-8, Aguero 83 and LEDA 72762), was discovered on October 4, 1836 by British astronomer John Herschel.

This image is made up of photos taken by the WFC3 wide-field camera installed on Hubble in 2009 as part of the STS-125 mission and the ACS camera installed in 2002, broken in 2007, then repaired at the time of the installation of WFC3.

Launched in 1990, Hubble has observed the Universe for more than 31 years. If its instruments remain functional, it could remain in service until 2030.

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